We offer dedicated plastic precision molds and tooling used for export to Europe and the US and we make plastic injection moulds and parts in our own production facilities in China.

Injection mould in China is a company of Triple-c (ltd)  that is set up by 2 Western engineers.  Our China mould shop has the best of two worlds:

A western managed company with an eye for high quality and the best tooling shop of Shanghai for your custom designed parts.

We have 15 years experience in the following design steps of realizing your plastic injection molded parts.

Why do you need our injection molding Factory ?

we are not only a factory, so don not expect a (Chinese) factory attitude: expect additional services such as:

If you have a 3d cad file for quotation, please send to our email info@injectionmoldinchina.com and than we can quickly review it and give you advise on pricing of tooling and injection molding these plastic parts.