Injection Mold services in china   



Triple-C Limited is an injection mold company with a wide ray of additional services such as design engineering in Shanghai in CHINA.


Triple-c can assist you in plastic component and parts design according deign guides, tool making in china , design engineering of molds,  because of our  extensive mold experience in China and  Holland.  Our established company exist of industrial design engineers, mold designers and tooling experts.


OUR  product TEAMS

Intellectual property

  • protect your product in China is possible, if you follow the right path
  • how to proceed if you want to produce under secrecy
  • how to file a patent / patent in China?

Site visit 

  • we accompany you during your visit in China
  • can organize the entire trip and the customer with the right parties in touch
  • Customer guide you in the entire process of doing business in China


  • try to find the right manufacturer for  your additional parts, such as packaging, sleeves, blisters
  • keep you informed of the latest trends in technology and products
  • going to the different manufacturers play in favor of the customer against each other
  • superior experience in rapid prototyping and injection molding service in china



  • guide you through the entire process, both import and export
  • find the right path (eg whether or not by Hong Kong)



For more information on our quotation process please email or skype Roger van der Linden

You are always welcome to visit our injection mold factory in china. We can arrange Pudong or Hongqiao airport pick up upon request.





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