Injection Mold tooling in china   



Triple-C Limited is a design engineering company and tool maker for plastic injection molded products in Shanghai in CHINA.

We design using - 3d cad software NX - thermoplastics and rubber products and in some cases assembled products, for different kinds of markets. 

Our tooling company
also provide prototypes, models, tooling, molds and dies. 

Our professional product and mold engineers are here and there to help you during the entire design process from scratch untill mold mking untill delivery of your assembled products. 

Our designers, product and  tool makers  and engineers are familiar with  the design of molds for thermoplastics and plastics that are generally widely used such as ABS, HIPS,PS PE, PP, glass filled materials, POM, PA and transparent materials such as PMMA and PC. But also we can buy special resin for your specific purpose or requirement

Our tools and molds made in China can be used at our own production location  or can be transported to your own company that owns injection machines . (So-called export-tooling). 
Our toolmaker shop in China has several testing injection molding machines in the factory and 6 production injection machines: We are  flexible with sufficient production capacity. Small order or batch quantities are always welcome for us, from 100 pieces we like casting your products. You are welcome to visit our mold factories and when you meat us you will see our  wonderfull injection molding services

For more information on our quotation process  or if you wish to speak a plastic part or  product designer please email or skype Roger van der Linden



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