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Welcome at Triple a mold maker in China

Triple-c is not one of those standard mold makers in China, Our company offers extra services and strives for a top notch quality of your tooling made in our mold shop, compared to other companies or foreign Chinese mold makers.

We know it is difficult to find a good mold maker in China, as the Chinese mold market is really full of many mold makers offering low prices, but a mold company with a high quality / low price ratio is as searching a needle in a haysack. But now , stop searching, it is really not as difficult as you think. Just drop us, Triple-c , an email with your mould inquiry and you will find it out by yourself. MAIL

For a quick quotation we wish to review your design; please send 3d cad files together with the material and quantity specifications.

What kind of injection molded parts or product can we make?

It doesnot matter how your product looks likes: we can make small or medium, yes even large molds or for some very complicated products, 2 component molds with or without sliders.

Also , when the monthly quantity is not that large and you have more components or parts for one product , we advice to make famlily molds.

We, as mold maker in China, with western managers are improving our daily made Chinese molds. And we can say we are in the top of bringing general
mold quality close to European standards.

Working with us, a.k.a. Triple-c means that you don’t need to supervise the mold design and qualifications of your tool to make sure you received what you paid for. mold making our other services are part or product design, prototyping. ( cnc machining) and mold design.
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Problem Solving

One of our clients made a design of a complicated mechanical system for an agricultural automated machine and They asked us to design a innovative family mold for gearwheels and a actuator. This design was completed by our tooling and mold designers.
We build 3 new family molds for the fist 10.000 test series.. Our total cost were much less compared to the rather expensive cost at their local mold manufacturer.
Now this mold has been working well, and been injection molding these PA ( Nylon) parts for some year at an excellent level without any problems or zero defects.

In order to understand the mold making process you have to understand how a mold is build, and how it looks like,good suppliers who want a long erm the partnership, not only in China, will tell you this..standard mold construction or mold build up made in China
A basic mold , made by a Chinese mold makers,is usually composed of two main parts, an injection side and a locking side.Together they enclose the parts of one or more mold cavities. In plastic injection molding, the mold cavity is filled with plastic material through the sprues and sprue. The sprue (and often also a part of the mold cavity and sprues) is in the fixed mold part (injection side) is recessed; the remaining parts of them are located in the moving die part (the locking side or emission side). Both mold parts have been provided with cooling channels. With distance parts a space created in the closing side for the ejecting mechanism, the so-called ejector plates, also usually made by hinese mold maker, in which the ejectors are mounted. This space serves as likely to be carried out that the emitters can work required for the product. guiding pins are provided for a good centering of the two mold halves (2-4 pieces), optionally in combination with leibussen. In order to get the mold parts are always in the correct position relative to each other a different diameter is carried out or is selected an asymmetric position of the guiding pins. The guide pins are preferably placed in the syringe side of the mold, so that they in the ejection of the product (or the products) do not impede a free fall. With the aid of centering ring in the syringe side of the mold is brought into the proper position relative to the injection molding machine.

So if you are looking to buy parts made by injection molds, combined with other parts made by non mold manufacturers, which you have sourced from all over the world or in China , Our company can assist you in buying these parts. I repeat we are not only a standard china mold makers . We offer extra sourcing and buying services than the usual standard "mold makers China", you find in the first page of google-ing or on sourcing websites such as , MADE IN CHINA. WE are real injection mold makers or manufacturers. Who assist you on sourcing non plastic parts such as torsion springs, paper packaging, diecasted aluminium parts, torsion springs and so on. This is an extra service compared to the injection mold manufacturers you will find in South china area or Zhejiang province or Shanghai region.

Triple-c is mold maker in China , one of the top mold manufacturers in China. If you are looking for mold makers in a specific city, you can also put the name of the city in the command, like "yuyao mold maker" China as the region, find mold maker in China", in that way,a complete list of mold makers in China will be shown as results. In other words, Triple-c is a good Chinese mold maker and we will save you a lot of money and hassle when you buy you molds from us in China

You are always welcome to visit our injection mold factory in china. We can arrange Pudong or Hongqiao airport pick up upon request.