Hereunder you can find our way of working (Wow)

Step 1 : we will study your CAD files


An offer to your company is then made within a couple of days, usually 2-3 days. (We accept IGES/STEP/Parasolid/ NX o solidworks files ).

If you have a sketch or only a 2 dimensional PDF or Autocad drawing, a rough estimation can be made. However bear in mind that for the start of  tool-making 3d cad files are necessary. Our design engineering team can covert 2d files to 3d files.

Based on your annual estimated production quantities, product life cycle and product material, we will determine the right tool steel and number of cavities for you. And of course we will give you a very fair tool price and part price. it all belong to our injection mold services..

Step 2: mould design

When you agree our offered price and signed our contract we will execute a detailed study of your design and start drawing and design engineering the molds: after 4 days we will send you a mould drawing . in you 2d-drawing you can study the mould-structure/ construction,  and will see the no of cavities .Details such as ejector pins, the gate will or hot-runner can be discussed.

Step-3: mould fabrication.

Once the mould drawings are accepted, we buy the required toolsteel ( p20 , NAk 80, 55 or a higher quality)  and standard parts.

Step-4 : testing phase

If the tool or mould building has been finished our plastic injection mould team in china will set the mould on the injection molding machine and test shots will be done: The First out of tool (T1) will be send your address if the quality has the desired level..YOu see in our china mold makerit is always simple