plastic part design and engineering


our company is set up by industrial design engineers who know how to design plastic products for injection moulding.

if you wish a price offer of the design engineering of  your part or product idea: please email us



Once the product design is ready, we can ensure that this design is converted into a manufacturable product. The aim is to place the production in China. First, the molds are produced in China, and production takes place in China with these molds. We put the project whatsoever from that supplier who can take care of both the molds and production.

Because the molds remain in China, the Chinese mold supplier can handle its own mold standards. Of course, he also remains responsible for the quality and mold shot warranty. 
The result of this process is that mold prices are far below compared to the level which the molds are exported to Europe.

The initial investment is so low.

Due to low labor costs and relatively low levels of investment the final price of plastic products produced in China is very low. 
Printing, lacquering, adding steel parts, assembly and packaging can also be arranged in by the Chinese mold maker. 
There is a choice for many species plastics, including flame-retardant plastics.

Tripel-c can provide you with the entire process. The products are delivered in the desired manner and at the desired location.  

You have only one contact person. We are also responsible for the final product quality.


We are  NOT an agent and can recommend / use every tool maker / producer accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer.