On this page you will see several moulds we have made for electronis encases


We have a lot of experience in toolmaking for:

  1. The automotive industry
  2. cycles
  3. sporting good and games ( surf , basketball, baseball products for U.S.A)
  4. electronics
  5. furniture
  6. domestic goods ( cups)
  7. medical industry
  8. maritime

We make 2 types of moulds:

A> molds made for our own injection facility in Shanghai: It doesn't matter if the quantity is low or high we are your "one stop shop" for all you plastic injection mold needs.

For test-mould and low volume quantities we use P15 or P20 steel types for higher annual values we make fully hardened moulds.

B> export moulds:

We follow your list of requirements .



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Roger van der Linden Info@injectionmoldinchina.com